Applying the Hour of Power from Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge

I recently picked up Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge audio program, and as expected, the program is overflowing with information. The program is broken into four phases, Unleash Your Inner Strength, Unlock Your Personal Power, Get the Edge, and the Final Integration. The first phase, Unleash Your Inner Strength, is broken into two topics, Decisions and Destiny and The Hour of Power.

Decisions and Destiny

Tony is the master of giving. The first session of the program is over two hours of rich content, and it is entirely free. In the first session, Decisions and Destiny, Tony covers the structure of how we change our destiny. He goes into detail about the three pillars of progress, resourcefulness, emotional fitness, our personal blueprints, and the power of certainty. The second day is all about the Hour of Power. Tony teaches the fundamentals of changing our destinies and the decision-making process that we must go through to fulfill our life’s blueprint. At the very end of the second session, he introduces the Hour of Power.

Hour of Power

The Hour of Power is the first actionable tool in the entire program, and it was designed to create the most impactful morning possible. Tony combines four different highly beneficial activities into a particular pattern to increase mental and physical energy. Being misrepresented by its name, time flexibility is the best part of the Hour of Power. This handy tool can be adjusted from one hour down to a 15, or 30, minute session. Currently, I have only followed the full hour session, but there is little to no difference in each time length.

The layout of the three different sessions are very similar, and each starts with breath walking in a 4-4 pattern which has been scientifically proven to change emotional, mental, and physical state. The session then continues with affirmations, gratefulness, goal setting, and ends with exercise. The preferred time to have your Hour of Power is right out of bed. I always make my bed and drink a glass of water before I start my Hour of Power.

How Does the Hour of Power Compare to Other Morning Routines?

There are a lot of morning routines that beat the traditional habit of waking up at the last second and rushing to work. The only two popular morning routines that I have tried are the Hour of Power and the Miracle Morning. I prefer the Miracle Morning for its content, but I believe the Hour of Power is more actionable. The Miracle Morning contains the same four activities as the Hour of Power, but the Miracle Morning also includes meditation and reading. The Miracle Morning is also scalable on time, but it does require more time to see the same results as the Hour of Power.


  • Can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Easy flow between activities.
  • Significantly increases mental, physical, and emotional state.


  • Does not include meditation or reading.
  • Offers no tips on getting up earlier.


I personally enjoy the Hour of Power, and I do see a difference in my mood and energy for the entire day. I have also been more focused on my goals since starting the Hour of Power. I am still working on adding meditation and reading to my routine, but the structure and pattern of the Hour of Power are by far the best I have followed.

No matter what routine you choose, always remember to grab each day and make it great.

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