Successful Buzzwords | Reaching Goals through Visualization

Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint, and begin to build.

~ Robert Collier

The phrase “seeing is believing” might be more impactful than you or I could ever realize. Every book, scientific article, podcast, or conference will teach that to be successful, you must set goals. Unfortunately, most people set goals and never see any real results. In my experience, you can set goals and make action plans, but if you lose sight of your goal, your dream will turn into a wish.

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Applying the Hour of Power from Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge

I recently picked up Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge audio program, and as expected, the program is overflowing with information. The program is broken into four phases, Unleash Your Inner Strength, Unlock Your Personal Power, Get the Edge, and the Final Integration. The first phase, Unleash Your Inner Strength, is broken into two topics, Decisions and Destiny and The Hour of Power.

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Successful Buzzwords | Mindfulness Through Meditation

Changing the invisible is impossible, but with sight change is unquestionable.

One activity that separates successful people from the rest of us is the practice of meditation. Meditation is very rare in western culture, but due to Buddhist influence, it is a common practice in eastern culture. However, meditation does not have to be associated with religious practices and does not require any special training or beliefs.

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10 Steps to Sticking with Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year around the beginning of November the majority of people, including myself, start getting excited for the holidays. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to get together with family for a great feast on Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, I am not as grateful for the after affects on my body.

Most Americans set new year’s resolutions, yet only 3% of people write their resolutions down. There has not been a shortage of pens and paper this year, so what is stopping them from just writing the goals they have put upon themselves down? Is it fear of failure, lack of commitment, or just a bad habit that has been created over the last several years?

I usually do not write my New Year’s resolutions down, but this year I want to reach my goals. I am going to take the knowledge I have gained over the last year from listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts and reading six influential books to create a plan to reach every goal I have for 2017.

So here is my 10 step plan to sticking with and completing my New Year’s resolutions.

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What is your Why?

Why You Do What You Do

Do you ever stop and take a moment to think about why you do what you do? Every person has a why even if they are not aware of what it might be. Your why is what guides you through your day, and influences every decision you make.

Every day from the time you get up to the time you go to bed your why is seen in the reflection of what you do. Your why has an enormous impact on what you achieve not only today but over your entire lifetime. From your effectiveness at work to your relationships with your friends and family the right why can make all the difference in your day.

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